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In today’s competitive employment landscape, understanding key workforce trends is crucial for businesses to retain top talent and remain competitive.  That’s where having a pulse on retention and turnover metrics comes into play. Although, experience proves that it’s easier said than done. HR leaders in many businesses often struggle with antiquated systems that simply cannot deliver reliable analytics with ease.

In fact, most companies lack a centralized data repository or platform that can effectively gather all the key data points to perform such analysis. Walton’s technology solves this by leveraging our centralized platform which combines the data used for Tax Credits, Employment Verification, and UI Claims.

Our platform delivers Workforce Analytics that provide valuable insights.  This in turn allows businesses to manage its workforce more effectively and make data-driven business decisions.

Why Workforce Analytics Are Important

As a leading provider of workforce analytics solutions, we are aware of how important data-driven decision-making is to the success of your company.

Improving Workplace Well-Being

With the help of our HR analytics platform, businesses can better understand and improve the general welfare of their employees thanks to in-depth analytics and insights. This allows you to build a more encouraging and effective workplace by focusing on areas in need of change.

Optimize Employee Performance

Our workforce analytics software enables organizations to monitor and assess various performance metrics. Get helpful information about the performance, productivity, employment status, and general well-being of your staff. With this information, you can improve the effectiveness of your HR strategies.

Efficient Project Management

With our workforce analytics platform, you can determine how much time is spent on various projects, tasks, applications, and activities. This thorough breakdown assists in streamlining project management and resource allocation, which boosts effectiveness and production.

Key Benefits of Workforce Analytics

Easy Access

One platform delivers single sign-on access to Key Workforce Analytics, securely.

Valuable Insights

Analyze and understand key trends to better manage your workforce.

Better Decisions

Make informed decisions on what is required to retain your talent and grow your business.

Workforce Analytics

How it Works

Step 1

Become a Walton Client

Sign up for our HR Bundle, or one at least of our core solutions (WOTC, VOE, UI Claims)

Step 1

Step 2

Automate Data Transmission

Your payroll data is what powers each of our solutions, therefore, during implementation, we’ll need to automate the transmission of your payroll data.   This process may vary based on how your company administers payroll (in-house vs outsourced).

Step 2

Step 3

Get Access to ForeSite’s Workforce Analytics

Once everything is set up, you’ll get access to Walton’s reporting platform, ForeSite.  While in ForeSite, you’ll be able to access its complimentary Workforce Analytics, powered by the payroll data used for your existing service(s).

Step 3

Workforce Analysis – Key Features

Interactive  Dashboards

Uncover valuable insights through interactive data exploration. Spot workforce trends, identify potential issues, and delve deep into topics like diversity, engagement, and turnover. Create rich reports and HR dashboards to share crucial information across your organization.

Trusted Data-driven Analytics

With our workforce analytics platform, integrate data from multiple systems, including core HR, talent management, financial, and other third-party sources. This data foundation provides a reliable view of your workforce, helping you understand the impact of your efforts on results.

Robust Security for Sensitive Data

Rest assured, knowing your sensitive HR data is protected with our robust security measures. Walton’s Workforce Analytics platform features the highest data security technology and protocols proven to keep your information always safe and secure and away from introducers and cybercriminals.

How Walton's Workforce Analytics Software Transforms Your Business Operations

Spot workforce trends and identify potential issues before they escalate. Our HR analytics platform empowers you to address challenges proactively and seize opportunities for growth.
Make data-driven decisions that impact your financial situation positively. Leverage the power of workforce analytics to maximize the return on your investments in people and optimize overall business performance.
By integrating data from multiple systems, our workforce analytics software provides a comprehensive view of your workforce. Streamline HR processes and improve efficiency, making strategic HR planning a breeze.

Workforce Analytics Frequently-Asked Questions

Workforce analytics software is a dynamic tool that helps businesses analyze employee data to make data-driven decisions, optimize talent management, and boost productivity.

Workforce analytics is vast, covering areas like talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, turnover analysis, and overall HR optimization.

At Walton, we prioritize data security. We employ robust encryption and security measures to protect sensitive HR data from unauthorized access.

Using Walton’s HR analytics software enables businesses to gain valuable insight into employee performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions for improved HR strategies and business outcomes.

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