About Walton

Walton is the largest, independently-owned provider of  technology-driven solutions for businesses across all industries.  Our core competencies include Point-of-Hire Tax Credits, Verification of Employment and Unemployment Insurance Cost Reduction services.  Walton’s state-of-the-art technology platform, ForeSite, is proven to streamline, automate and optimize these HR services, using a single data source, saving businesses significant time, money and resources.

Our Story

We love to tell our story and share how far we’ve come along, becoming a leading provider of HR services, trusted by several thousand companies across all industries.


Our Humble Beginnings

Walton Management Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1982 by Fred Stiftel; a visionary entepreneur determined to build a great company.  The 80’s was considered the infancy era of government-based tax credit and incentive programs. At the time, the company focused on administering the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (TJTC) program for employers. At the time, the administration of TJTC was very paper-intensive and had tight deadlines for businesses to secure the credits. This required Walton to be laser-focused and collaborate with clients to deliver maximum results.  


WOTC is Born

In 1996, congress invented the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program to replace its predecessor program, TJTC. This change brought forth an important transition for Walton and everyone in the industry.  Similar to TJTC, administration of WOTC is known for having several moving parts and critical deadlines that at times pose challenges for employers.  As time progressed, fine-tuned its service and developed best practices proven to deliver maximum results, while delivering the best service experience for clients.  Walton’s commitment to excellence and superb client support has earned the respect of everyone in the credits and incentives industry to-date.


Our Digital Transformation

Despite the success Walton had throughout the years, new technology trends were continuing to happen, prompting disruption and change.  For this reason, Walton decided to invest in its future.  This meant hiring top talent within the industry and adopting new technologies.  During this time, a number of new integrated partners were implemented to facilitate the automation of WOTC and deliver the most optimal user experience as well as results.


The Launch of our platform, ForeSite

After months of planning, development and testing, Walton launched its new technology platform, called ForeSite. ForeSite delivered the most advanced automation, reporting and secure data management for businesses to administer WOTC.  It’s simple user experience truly transformed the way companies screened new hires for tax credits.  Shortly after its launch, ForeSite was received well by clients, prospects and partners, earning a spot as one of the Top 10 emerging technologies according to the American Staffing Association.  


New Business Ventures

Shortly after the launch of our new platform, we realized our technology had the potential to automate WOTC as well as other HR services. As a result, additional investments were made and partnerships were developed to create a best-in-class HR Bundle, powered by the same underlying payroll data.  As a result of a joint venture, Walton developed and launched its verification of employment solution, VeriSafeJobs.

2024 to-date

Walton today

Walton has survived the test of time.  Today, we proudly stand undisputed, as the largest independently-owned provider of Point-of-Hire Tax Credits, Verification-of-Employment and Unemployment Insurance Cost Reduction solutions. Our technology platform is second-to-none and proven to automate and streamline the user experience while delivering maximum results. Walton integrates with many best-in-class payrollapplicant tracking, and onboarding partners to simplify your Point-of-Hire Tax Credits,  requests to Verify Employment + Income and Unemployment Insurance claims.

Why Walton

key differentiators

Bundle Approach

Walton's multi-layered solution delivers unsurpassed results for multiple services, powered by one data file, one service agreement, and one common security platform.


Our platform leverages many aspects that work in unison to deliver a streamlined approach to administer Tax Credits, Verification of Employment and UI Claims with ease.

Service & Support

Our support team leverages our innovative technology along with decades of experience to deliver the best experience for our clients and business partners.

Why Our Technology is Superior

Clients and business partners often tell us our technology sets the standard in our industry. The following are some of the features that deliver a smart and simple user experience:

Real-Time Data Processing

Enables information, programs, activities, and steps within the platform and in the user interface to be immediately processed and updated without human intervention

Cloud-based Centralized Engine

For easier implementation, and management of complex rules, sophisticated logic, and discrete strategies deployed across the platform

Frictionless Integrated Systems

Smooth connectivity across all collection, internal recovery processes, and external applications, databases, and services such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Calm User Display Application

Places the most important information at the center of the user's attention (and secondary information at the peripheral)

One-Click User Experience

Minimization and automation of manual desktop keystrokes, data-entry, decisions, screen changes and/or next steps

Embedded Alerts Messaging

Built-in interactive SMS and Email Messaging for communicating with customers via their preferred channels

Why Companies Trust Us

We realize you have choices when it comes to HR service providers. Companies that have the highest of standards when it comes to service, security and results turn to Walton, knowing they are in the best of hands.  

Unparalleled Service/Support

Walton hires and retains the industries cream of the crop when it comes to talent. Our team of professionals are trained and empowered to deliver top results and provide the best support along the way.

Laser-Focus on Security

Companies trust us because our systems are built on newer technology, leveraging "at-rest" data encryption and other advanced systems and protocols to keep our data secure at all times.

Unmatched Results

Our domain expertise, proven best practices and technology will deliver the maximum results for your business, saving you time, money and resources so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Meet Our Team

Walton’s leadership is comprised of some of the industry’s most talented, experienced, and respected professionals. We take pride in investing in the best-of-the-best to drive our commitment to excellence, innovation, and technology. Doing so ensures we continue to deliver the best service experience to our clients and business partners.

Michael McConnell

Michael serves as the President of Walton and oversees operations, engineering, marketing, sales, and service; leading all efforts to streamline product delivery with our unmatched service experience. He brings several decades of experience, having worked for large manufacturing, defense electronics, franchises, and healthcare businesses. Prior to joining Walton, Michael founded and grew several successful franchise businesses. His vast management skill set includes all aspects of operations, accounting, sales, marketing and client service. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and has proudly served in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer.

Brian DeVido

Brian serves as Vice President and leads Walton’s business development and top growth strategies. Over the last twenty years, while at Walton, Brian has established an extensive network of business relationships, earning the trust of prospects, clients, and business partners. Prior to joining Walton, Brian worked in the staffing industry, where he managed a team at a leading recruiting firm, selling to and servicing Fortune 500 corporations in the financial services, high-tech, and logistics vertical markets. Brian holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech.

David Garcia

David brings over twenty years of sales and marketing leadership in the HR service space. He joined Walton in 2016 as Director or Marketing and Partner Support. In this  role, David develops and drives all marketing initiatives for the business, leveraging his unique domain expertise and creativity proven to deliver thought leadership, brand awareness, value and innovation for our clients, prospects, and business partners. Prior to joining Walton, David worked in the tax services division of First Advantage for over 12 years. There, he served in various executive management roles, where he led several service and sales teams.

Mike Dietterick

Mike serves as Walton’s technology guru. He is responsible for developing and maintaining all technology systems used to deliver Walton’s solutions. Mike brings over twenty years of experience in the intelligence, product management, and data analytics. Prior to joining Walton, Mike worked as a Product & Innovation Manager at First Advantage, where he supported their tax credit product line strategy, innovation, and marketing. Prior to that, he specialized in developing geographic information systems at such firms as First Advantage and ADP.

Shannon Campeau

For over a decade, Shannon has used her relentless focus on automation, teamwork, and proven leadership to strengthen Walton’s service offerings and allow for expansion into new areas of business.  She oversees both Walton’s backend Operations and Client Services teams with more than 20 years of management and operations expertise in the financial sector. Her business aptitude, combined with her degree in Computer Science, has made her highly instrumental in driving Walton’s innovation and digital transformation.

Jennifer Hartrum

Jennifer oversees the Account Management team for WOTC clients at Walton.  In her role, she provides strategic guidance and support to a team of account specialists to drive results and optimize client retention. She joined Walton in 2013 as an Account Executive, where she supported a book of business that included some of our largest clients. Jen is a graduate of West Virginia University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Business with a minor in Business Communication and Management.

Donnie Leeper

Donnie serves as Walton’s Infrastructure and Security specialist. He is responsible for engineering and maintaining all infrastructure and security that supports Walton’s solutions. Donnie brings over 25 years in the security sector. His love for technology has pushed him to earn and maintain several industry standard certifications to include CISSP. Donnie has a proven ability to identify trends and concepts across the cyber spectrum and develop/implement technological strategies to build secure walls to ensure the safety of businesses and clients

Holly Hankins

Holly directs HR and Finance for Walton.  In her current role, Holly implements policies and procedures to improve efficiency and productivity, while leading our Billing and Finance Team with a focus on automation, organizational clarity, and fiscal integrity.  For over two decades, she has honed her business administration and financial oversight skills in several executive roles.  Her depth of knowledge comes from both non-profit and for-profit sectors, across several industries including Franchise Sales, Wealth Management Technology, and Performing Arts. Holly holds a Bachelor of Science from Saint Peter’s University.

JoAnn Irwin

JoAnn oversees the Account Support function for our Verification of Employment clients.  She has been with the company for 10 years.  JoAnn started as an Operations specialist and thrived in several different departments and roles within Walton before being promoted to her current role in 2023.  She graduated from New Jersey City University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Finance.

Quentelle logo

Introducing Quentelle, LLC

Walton's Technology Arm

and developers of the award-winning platform, ForeSite

Quentelle, LLC. an entity established in 2017 for the purpose of developing Walton’s technology platform and infrastructure.  Quentelle holds the right to the award-winning platform, ForeSite.   ForeSite is a cloud-based software system able to quickly process large volumes of complex data from multiple sources, securely.  

Developing such a system required the talent and expertise of some of the most innovative minds in the the technology sector, under the leadership of Walton’s executive team. Launching the all-new  ForeSite transformed and digitized Walton’s tax credit business operation.

The digital transformation quickly optimized operational efficiencies, streamlining the back-office processing of thousands of documents.  On the front end, for clients, ForeSite delivered a much simpler and streamlined user experience leveraging new partner integrations.  As a result, companies can now screen new employees for tax credits as part of their hiring and onboarding workflow. 

All of this turns our “about us” into an “about you.” Walton and Quentelle, both, exist to help businesses grow and thrive, relying on a trusted technology provider with proven turnkey solutions.

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