Verification of Employment + Income

Automate Your Verification of Employment and Income
Don't get overwhelmed with time-sensitive inquiries to verify employment and income. Walton's proven VOE solution delivers a faster, simpler, and more secure way to respond to all verification inquiries.
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PIN-Based System Proven to Keep Your Data Safe and Secure at All Times
Our solution is built on newer technology and uses at-rest data encryption as well as systems and protocols proven to keep your data safe. At Walton, we keep users in control of who can access their data.
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And the best part... it's free!
Walton's full-service solution is a free service for Walton's clients. Walton charges commercial institutions requesting verification of employment/income.
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Eliminate all Hidden Costs for Completing Employment Verifications and Maximize your Productivity

Use our VOE Savings Calculator* to get an estimate of how much time and hidden costs associated with the completion of verifications Walton can save your business.

Simply enter your estimated employee headcount to receive a rough estimate on how many staff hours and savings you may receive by automating all verifications of employment and income.  That includes private as well as government agency requests, which can be equally as important and time-consuming to complete for your current and former employees.

Once you implement Waltons’ VeriSafeJobs solution, you direct all incoming requests to us and we’ll handle the rest.

Important Disclaimer: Walton uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the results on this tool. This tool is intended to provide an estimate of potential savings based on the information you provide. Please note that your company’s results may vary, based on a number of other components and we do not guarantee the results displayed on this tool. For more information, please contact us.
VOE Automation At-A-Glance

how it Works

Let Walton automate your Verification of Employment and save time and money!

How can our Verification of Employment + Income Solution Help You?

At Walton, we deliver cutting-edge and automated verification solutions to streamline your income and employment verification process. With our contemporary verification of employment and income services, you can simplify workflows, save time, and ensure accuracy. Here’s how we can assist you:

Automates + Streamlines VOE

Our automated employment verification solution allows private organizations and government agencies to submit requests directly to Walton, eliminating the need for the employer to complete verifications manually. This automated solution ensures a swift and seamless verification completion for everyone involved.

Fully Compliant and Secure

We prioritize data privacy and maintain strict compliance with federal and state privacy acts and laws. Our system ensures that only verifiers with permissible purposes and employees' express consent can access the data. With our security protocols and measures, your employees' personal information remains highly secure.

Exceptional User Experience:

Our user-friendly interface and robust workflow ensure a smooth verification completion. Verifiers obtain immediate verification, while employees control their data with our PIN-based system. Our dedicated support team is always available to address any concerns or issues, alleviating the employer's burden.

Key Benefits of Automating VOE

Ensure Accuracy and Trustworthiness:

Verification of employment and income provides a reliable and trustworthy confirmation of an individual’s employment status and income details. By verifying this information, employers can make informed decisions, minimize the risk of fraudulent claims, and ensure the accuracy of financial assessments.

Mitigate Financial Risks:

Businesses that request Employment + Income verifications mitigate financial risks by verifying an individual’s ability to meet financial obligations, such as loan repayments or rental agreements. By confirming income levels, employers and financial institutions can make informed decisions and reduce the likelihood of default or non-payment.

Streamline Application Processes:

By automating VOE, organizations can streamline their incoming requests, eliminating manual verification labor and reducing administrative burden. This leads to improved efficiency, faster decision-making, and an enhanced overall user experience for both applicants and verifiers.

Powerful Insightful AlwaysON Analytics

Built to Empower Good Business Decisions

Featuring Single Sign-On + Multi-Factor Authentication

VOE Frequently-Asked Questions

VOE stands for Verification of Employment (and Income) inquiries or requests that employers often receive from commercial institutions as well as government agencies for current and former employees. Often, commercial verification requests come in when a current or former employee applies for employment, a loan, or housing. Government verification requests usually occur whenever a current or former employee applies for assistance through a government agency.

Companies that complete verifications in-house enlist the help of internal human resource or payroll staff to respond to all inquiries. Obviously, the faster the employer can respond, the better it is for the employee. However, depending on your headcount, your company may receive many requests that need a timely response. These requests take time and resources to complete and they run the risk or inaccuracies if it is done manually.

Employers benefit greatly from outsourcing their verification requests, as this eliminates the need to utilize valuable HR/payroll resources by automating the process to respond to all inquiries. Walton leverages its advanced technology platform to upload your company’s payroll information securely so that requestors can sign in and fulfill their verifications quickly without needing to rely on your company’s staff.

Walton’s VOE service is free to Walton’s clients. The cost for this service is paid by commercial requestors who pay a fee to complete each verification. Unlike other providers, Walton does not charge any fees for fulfilling government-based verfications.

Walton’s platform uses at-rest data encryption and advanced safety protocols proven to keep our data private and secure. Additionally, our PIN-based system puts you in control of who can access your data and for how long.

As a VOE client of Walton, you receive our exceptional and personalized customer service experience every time. During the implementation phase, our team works with you to develop a kick-off program that meets your needs and provides training and guidance to inform your staff of the new process to use going forward. Additionally, we have a vast library of tutorial videos on how to use our platform that we make available to employers, employees, and requestors. Last, but not least, we have call center staff available to answer questions and provide assistance.

To get you started, we simply need a signed service agreement, a client profile form which we will provide, and a payroll data file formatted to our specifications which our team will also provide upon receiving a signed agreement. Once our team sets up your account in our system, we will perform a robust Quality Assurance test on your data to make sure it is accurate. Once the QA testing is completed, we will request data for the last three years using the established format. Once the payroll data is loaded, we will conduct User Acceptance Testing to make sure everything works as expected. Once everything proves to be working, we will work with you to define a launch date and provide the necessary training and materials to get you up and running quickly.

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