Hire Veterans with confidence and show your support and earn WOTC

Walton integrates with RecruitMilitary®, the largest military recruiting platform, proven to connect employers with job-seeking veterans and their spouses.

A Smart + Simple Way to Recruit and Hire our Veterans

Hiring veterans is a great way for companies to increase their talent pool and demonstrate corporate stewardship by giving opportunities to those who served our nation. However, many companies struggle to find ways to attract and source veterans. Walton solves that by integrating with RecruitMilitary; the largest military talent platform with over 1.5 million jobseekers.

Walton clients can sign up with RecruitMilitary and access a vast talent database through our platform. You simply key in your candidate search criteria and location to instantly access hundreds of resumes to fill your positions.

Walton joins Uber and FedEx at ICIMS event to discuss the benefits of hiring military candidates.

Hiring Veterans is a Win-Win


Companies that actively promote the hiring of veterans show strong corporate stewardship by providing work opportunities for those most in need.


Veterans bring a wealth of transferable skills and experience to the workforce. Veterans are known for having a solid work ethic and being reliable workers.


Companies can earn between $1,500 and $9,600 in Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) per qualified veteran, so the savings can help your bottom line.
"As an advocate and trusted partner of RecruitMilitary®, Walton consistently demonstrates their value to employers and veterans by delivering efficient and simple ways to connect and recruit from our military talent pool."
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