A Smarter, Simpler and Better Way to Administer Unemployment Insurance Claims
Walton delivers a full-service Unemployment Insurance Claims (UI) Cost Management Solution for companies looking to streamline and reduce UI Costs with ease.

Cost Control + Claims Management Overview

Unemployment Claims Management by Professionals:

With our dedicated Account professionals, we respond promptly and thoroughly to all unemployment claims, easing your administrative burden and employing expertise in unemployment cost control services to optimize savings.

Advanced Reporting via UCM Case Specialist:

Gain secure access to detailed summaries of your claims with our online client portal, UCM Case Specialist. Submit separation data efficiently and stay updated with personalized email reporting from your Account Specialist.

Benefit Charge and Tax Rate Evaluation:

Our specialized system conducts in-depth audits to eliminate state-issued charge errors, ensuring accuracy in tax rates and maximizing savings.

A Comprehensive Solution proven to automate and streamline UI Claims

Claim Review

Each Unemployment insurance claim is reviewed thoroughly by a team of professionals with the highest levels of experience. Each review confirms potential eligibility, benefit amount, and benefit period.


Meeting all compliance aspects of UI is key to maintaining a low state UI tax rate. Our systems are designed to ensure our clients meet all state-imposed deadlines, every time.


Every incoming UI claims is reviewed at length to ensure validity. Questionable claims are appealed through the corresponding state agency. on behalf of each client. This includes full representation at hearings.

Effective and Efficient Unemployment Claims Administration

Unemployment claims can be a challenging aspect of managing any organization, consuming valuable time and resources. However, with Walton’s unemployment claims management services, you can gain access to a team of seasoned professionals, a powerful platform, and a finely tuned process.

This comprehensive solution is designed to help you reduce the risk, cost, and burden associated with managing unemployment claims. Avoid the potential cost of claim errors and ensure an optimized process with our expertise in unemployment cost control services. Streamline your unemployment claims management and focus on what matters most – your business’s success.

Why Walton's UI Claims Solution?

Cost Reduction

Reduce state errors and fraudulent payments through meticulous charge and tax rate verification. Our unemployment cost control services help you better manage expenses and maximize savings.

OnDemand Tools

Our Employer Portal tools give our clients full control and visibility of their unemployment claims administration. Our systems are designed to save you time and keep you always-in-the-know.

Fully Integrated

Our system and processes become so well integrated with our end-users that we become an extension you HR team. Our scalable technology and processing operations deliver the best support.

Did you know...


The national average for UI Claims errors is approximately 20%?

Our solution audits all state unemployment insurance processed claims to make sure our clients never overpay.

Easy Setup

We make it easy for companies to use our UI Claims solution through an expedited implementation process.

Unmatched Support

Your assigned support team will review all claims and deliver exceptional support along the way.

Maximum Results

We will leave no stone unturned to ensure you are optimizing your company's Unemployment Insurance savings.

UI Claims Administration Experts

UI Claims Administration, powered by 40+ years of experience, delivering unmatched results.

UI Claims Frequently-Asked Questions

Unemployment is a controllable cost. Often, employers overlook the claims process, resulting in improper or fraudulent benefits being paid. When employers contest unemployment claims quickly and properly, they avoid unnecessary costs.

Our solution requires a payroll data file transmitted each pay cycle so that we can provide the necessary information to administer and respond to your claims. If you are switching from another provider, we will review your current file format to determine if we can use it so you don’t have to change it.

On average, it takes an estimated 4-6 weeks for complete implementation. The most efficient way for us to manage the process is to develop the file feed. However, we can begin responding to claims as we work on the file feed, as long as the employer provides the required information.

SIDES stands for State Information Data Exchange System. This is a system developed for a web-based exchange of claim information between the states and the employers or their administrators. The timelines to respond to claims are always important and SIDES helps expedite the process. Currently, 47 states are utilizing SIDES.

Unemployment has many variables that, when managed correctly, can reduce your unemployment cost. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of your vendor will eliminate fraudulent claims and “block” these claimants from collecting avoidable benefits against your account. Compliance is 100% the obligation of the Employer, and having a dedicated account team to oversee and manage the day-to-day processes is crucial to state compliance.

Yes. We have 24/7 online reporting capabilities. This allows the client to see all claims activity by entity and location. This will help identify successes and potential areas for improvement. A summary report that will detail the effect of claims won on your unemployment tax rates is always available upon request. Each win has a positive impact toward lowering your tax rate.

Providing ongoing training and support to your staff is a crucial element of the service we deliver. During implementation, we will provide several training demos to ensure everyone on your end is up to speed so we can hit the ground running when we go live. Our experienced support staff develops a series of interactions post-implementation to keep you in-the-know of how your program is performing as well as any areas of opportunity.

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