State Tax Credits & Incentives Keep Increasing


Walton’s own Marty Reid — Managing Director, Incentive Consulting Services (ICS) Division — has been critical in evaluation and capturing lucrative tax credits and incentives for many businesses for over 20 years. Mr. Reid was quoted in a recent Triangle Business Journal article for his assessment of state tax credit programs explaining that “[states] are aggressive in adding them as a way to attract and maintain jobs.” He went on to say, “Some companies may never use that credit, or it may expire before you can use it.”

Thanks to Marty Reid and the staff at Walton, clients have been able to identify and take advantage of the many valuable opportunities available to them. To this day, Mr. Reid is still leading negotiations for multi-million dollar projects across the United States, including many Fortune 500 companies. With all the new programs and tax credits cropping up, ask yourself — Are you missing out?

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